Design of the Mahatma Mandir Convention & Exhibition Centre has been inspired from and reflects the life
and philosophyof the Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi.

  • The complex site is spacious enough to handle swift movement of up to 15000 people.
  • The convention hall has seating capacity of 5000 seats undivided with VIP viewing gallerias.
  • There are 4 seminar rooms (3 with seating capacity of 500 Persons each and 1 with seating capacity of 1000 Persons)
  • Seven hi-tech conference halls and a modern meeting room
  • Three Exhibition halls with column free structure
  • Large foyer housing ATMs, Travel Desk, Food Court, Photo Gallery etc..
  • The planning and design is done as per green construction technology, through use of materials of construction, structural design and services.
  • All waste water treated & recycled for flushing, irrigation, etc.
  • Street lights on hybrid renewable energy
The Convention Center
  • Capacity – 5000 seats (Undivided) with VIP viewing galleries.
  • Ceiling height of 11M, multi-purpose column free air-conditioned space of size 60M x 90M.
  • Movable partition walls facilitate the division of hall into 3 separate halls.
  • Concealed service trenches for electrical & water supply.
  • 8 language interpretation booths.
  • Movable modular stages, lighting trusses, hanging hooks capacity up-to 2 tones and other mechanical and electrical facilities.
  • Plug & play sound reinforce system (SRS) facilities.
  • Controlled temperature and lighting for thermal and visual comfort.
  • Adequate pantry area.
The Exhibitions Halls
  • 2 Nos of large sized and 1 No. of medium sized structure. All three are column free centrally air-conditioned structures.
  • Flexible, heavy duty floor for showcasing heavy machinery exhibitions and other usage.
  • Service trenches with electrical & water supply, water based exhibitions.
  • Easy plug & play SRS facilities and telecommunication systems.
  • Rest rooms with provision for differently- abled persons.
  • Wide service areas and loading / unloading bays aid quick and easy movement of exhibits and equipments.
  • Adequate storage facilities within the exhibition halls.
Seminar Hall, Meeting & Conference Rooms
  • Seminar, Conference Rooms and Business meeting rooms having facilities of attached pantry and equipped with Audit-Video facility.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation facility with Video Conferencing High Tech watch LED, Wi-Fi etc. is available.
Facilities at Mahatma Mandir
Description Floor Seating Capacity Area (Sq.Mtrs.)
Convention Hall with VIP Galleries GF 5000 6375
Convention Hall 1 with Lobby,VIP Gallery etc... GF 1600 2100
Convention Hall 2 with Lobby, VIP Gallery etc... GF 1600 2160
Convention Hall 3 with Lobby,VIP Gallery etc... GF 1600 2100
Seminar Hall 1 with Pantry GF 500 600
Seminar Hall 2 with Pantry GF 500 575
Seminar Hall 3 FF 500 485
Seminar Hall 4 with Pantry, Projection Room FF 1000 1200
Exhibition Hall 1 with VIP Viewing Gallery GF - 4060
Exhibition Hall 2 with VIP Viewing Gallery GF - 3950
Exhibition Hall 3 GF - 1665
Conference Room 1 FF 21 62
Conference Room 2 FF 21 62
Small Conference Rooms 1-5 Nos GF 6 to 12 15-20
Meeting Room FF 20-50 100